Monday, November 7, 2005

Sonos. The coolest thing. Ever.

It's always been (and probably always will be) my position that this blog will not be a commercial venture. I won't put ads up and I won't endorse products (like that would really do anyone any good, anyway) in return for compensation. I want to ensure this is always my honest opinion, never swayed by ad revenue. This is my personal space, and I've invited you to read along and comment, not to try to make a nickel for every google ad you click on.

Sonos, however, is the coolest thing ever

The Sonos system is a whole house music solution which incorporates the best of a traditional system, and does it using wireless technology. The bones of the system are Zone Players. One of them must be connected directly to your computer or network via ethernet, the others can be connected or they can run on the wireless network. They are small amps that can easily run a pair of peakers and a powered sub - they also have line in and out, so you can hook one up to a traditional reciever and run it through your high end sound system, as well as play traditional media via the line in. The boxes are about the size of two bricks, easily hidden, but also smartly designed as to look ok sitting out on a shelf or table.

The heart of the system is the remote. Simply the best designed, most intutive thing I've ever touched. With a touch of a finger, you have access to the entire network, music on your PC, internet radio, and individual components (although they must be individually controlled with their own remotes).

The system allows 32 ZPs to be run on the network, and allows different music in each zone, or allows the ZPs to be linked so they play the same thing. Fantastic! I can't wait to get all my music ripped to my PC, and put my CDs in my new garage! I'll have access to all of my music, anywhere in the house, with the ability to create playlists!!! The system comes preprogrammed wiht about 70 interent radio stations, you can add your favorites.

I purchased the introductory bundle, which consists of two Zone Players and a remote. One of the Zone Players is connected via ethernet cable to my home network, the other is located in my living room. 30 minutes out of the box, I had it working. I have yet to read the manual.

Far less expensive than the alternative, well designed, and excellent execution. I haven't been this in to music since I got out of college.

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