Thursday, November 1, 2007

The smell of freedom

This is the second Drew Carey film from Reason TV.


RebelWithaCause said...

Thanks for posting a very fair and informed description of the state of the medical marijuana situation in America, formerly known as "The Land of the Free."

I can't understand the denial of all the people who smoked when they were younger, but now - with the advent of mandatory urine testing - are lecturing and policing their children about the evils of pot. Why not just level with them and teach them how to use this incredible herb intelligently, instead of just turning them out with their punk friends where they learn to get "f**ked up."

Kids learn that if their parents lie to them about pot, they're probably lying about a whole lot of other stuff. So you lose them.

Why don't we prohibit liquor and beer again? I think they (the Feds) learned from Prohibition that there are more opportunities to earn more payoffs when things are kept illegal. There's money for the prison industry to house a bunch of peaceful potheads, who are less trouble than real criminals. So a lot of agencies want to keep pot illegal for the money it brings in.

So what are we going to do about it? Vote for Ron Paul is my answer.

Anonymous said...

The Federal government has no power under the Constitution to regulate drugs (or anything else not explicitly mentioned in Article I).

Why are we talking about whether or not cannibis is good or bad? It is irrelevant. Even if it were the worst addictive poison known to man, they simply were not given the power to regulate it in the Constitution. Why is it so hard for the "law and order" crowd to understand this?