Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

I am.

Here's my completely uneducated, meaningless predictions for the season, way too early, in light of training camp starting Monday.

Starting QB: Kyle Boller

Yes. Troy Smith isn't a starter, ever. Flacco isn't ready, although clearly given the contract he signed, he's starting next year at the latest. Kyle will know this is his shot to prove something to other teams, as he won't be back in '09. (By the way, he'll be in the pro bowl in 2010, after going to an NFC team.)

Keys to the season:

Positive turnover ratio. Plain and simple, if they hang on to the ball, 2007 isn't dismal

Boller. He MUST calm down. We don't need a superstar, we just need to hang on to the ball and not make mistakes. Think Dilfer.

OK, to the season:

Week 1: Bengals. Win a close one. Make up for last year's Monday Night travesty.
Week 2: at Texans. Win a blowout.
Week 3: Browns. Lose a frustrating game.
Week 4: at Steelers. Lose in Pittsburgh on a Monday night. It's inevitable.
Week 5: Titans. Win.
Week 6: at Colts. No reason to even watch this loss.
Week 7: at Dolphins. Win, unless the weather is really, really hot.
Week 8: Raiders. Win, but closer than it should be.
Week 9: at Browns. Lose a heartbreaker.
Week 10: Bye.
Week 11: at Giants. I'm sorry, but I can't pick the Ravens to beat the Champs. Loss.
Week 12: Eagles. Tough call, but I think this is a loss.
Week 13: at Bengals. Bengals will be on a playoff run, Ravens will be 5-6, 6-5 at best. Loss.
Week 14: Redskins. Win.
Week 15: Steelers. This is a tough one, it depends on the Steelers record. The better their record, the more likely the Ravens win. We'll call it a win.
Week 16: at Cowboys. Win, only because I hate the Cowboys.
Week 17: Jaguars. At this point, the Ravens have 8 wins. The Jags are far more likely to need to win to get into the playoffs. Loss.

Record: 8-8. I think the season hinges on the Browns game in Week 9. Ravens should be 5-3 going into this game. If they win it, the playoff run starts. Lose it, and they start to limp.

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