Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Solution

I've figured out the solution to the economic "crisis". I, alone, can save 500,000,000 jobs.

End Social Security. That's all. No stimulus package needed.

Think about it. You immediately give every working person 12% more money each year to spend. It's a "progressive" tax cut, as the rich don't pay as much as a percentage (the cutoff for wages taxed is about $100k). You also give people the option to take a lump sum of what they have paid in, or leave it for when they retire. Those who are already retired and drawing Social Security payments would not be affected, as they just draw down the Trust Fund (assuming it exists. If not, I'm pretty sure the total liability of retired people isn't the $1 Trillion the 'stimulus' package will cost).

Sure, you'd have to iron out some details for people nearing retirement, but all in all, I think it would work. I'd even be willing to forgo the lump sum - they can keep what they have, so maybe have a cutoff of age 40, where if you are under 40, the government keeps what they took, if you are over 50 you have the option to stay in the program.

Think of how well that would stimulate the Economy! And give us a little freedom back.

Real Change.

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