Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Our Government at work

The Constitutional Amendment to allow Congress to ban burning the US flag makes yet another appearance.

The mentality of your representatives:
``This resolution goes against the ideals the flag represents,'' Michigan Democrat John Conyers said. ``By limiting the scope of the First Amendment's free speech protections we are setting a dangerous precedent.''

Cunningham said the measure ``doesn't take away First Amendment rights.''

``It says please don't desecrate the flag,'' he said.

Actually, that's not what it says. It says the First Amendment no longer applies to the US flag, and that will be just one of the many things that get banned as we continue to become subjects rather than citizens.

Just for those keeping score - this Congress thinks we should remove the checks and balances in the Constitution that keep the president from invading countries without, you know, a reason, and they think the Constitution should protect the US flag from desecration by hippies.

Comfortable with that?

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