Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting what you asked for

To quote a quite popular radio host (with whom I disagree quite often): Elections have consequences.

Republicans can complain all they want - this is their doing. This starts with the election of G. W. Bush in 2000, his reelection in 2004, and the nomination of McCain in 2008. Now, we have a President and a Congress who (rightfully) claim 'they won', and now will do what they want to do.

You want to make a statement? You want to get things under control? First, stop them. Stop helping load pork into these bills, and fillibuster them in the Senate. Second, recognize the big government Republicans in your midst, and get them out of office in the primary elections in 2010.

Of course, the treatment of Ron Paul shows us where the Republicans really stand, so I'm not holding my breath; I'm working on finding ways to ensure I can maintain my standard of living regardless of how much money the government takes from me.

By the way, on the "how much of an idiot do you really think I am" front:
Reid said a Congressional Budget Office report that says the stimulus funds won’t be pumped into the economy until 2010 doesn’t provide an accurate picture.

Republicans have used the report to back up their argument against a near $1 trillion package. But Reid said Obama Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag told them CBO only analyzed 40 percent of the bill.

He also said Orszag guaranteed “that at least 75 percent of the bill would go directly into the economy within the first 18 months.”

18 months is 2010, you moron.

Also, best combination of sentences I've seen today:
“How can you spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives?” Boehner asked. “How does that stimulate the economy?”

Boehner said congressional Republicans are also concerned about the size of the package.

*Chuckle* He said "package".

This stimulus bill is a bad thing. Plain and simple. It's loaded with pork (seriously, how does funding for contraceptives stimulate the economy?) and pet projects, and doesn't include the single most important stimulus: letting people keep more of their money. Taking my money and sending it to people who don't pay taxes doesn't stimulate the economy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

She "does not disagree"

Under the mayor of Baltimore's guidance, the city's top attorney is looking into making the taxpayers of the city pay for her legal defense.

Seriously, these folks have no shame. The goal is to put the policy on the books as soon as possible. Gee, I wonder why.

How about we compromise: want the city to pick up the tab, use the Public Defender's office. Seems those of us footing the bill ought to be able to pick the lawyers.

So far, so good

Two days in, and I'm pretty happy with President Obama's actions.

Yesterday, he made it clear he was reversing the course of government in keeping everything a secret by instructing his staff to find ways to better comply with FOA requests (a 180 of the Bush Administration's policy).

Today, he issued orders to close Gitmo and secret CIA prisons and to stop using torture. The new top intelligence dude said no more warrantless wiretapping. Seems the Obamanator read him some Constitutions.

Yeah, I know he's still working on the 'stimulus' package that's a pork laiden travesty, but were we going to do any better on that front with anyone else?

Hair of the dog

I agree with and liked this explanation on why government spending won't get us out of a recession.

One could make the argument that the money pumped into the economy won't come from bread baked today and taken from the baker, but is instead from bread baked in the future, and that in the future, there will be such economic growth that the baker will have lots of excess bread.

But isn't that (spending now what we will have to pay off in the future) what got us into this mess?

How to fix the Economy, in 60 seconds or less

Anyone listening?

The funniest thing I've seen today

At least, so far:
As an overweight, hairy man with a penis no more formidable than your average contact lens case and only a very basic, limited working knowledge of female genitalia, I need all the help I can get when m’lady and I decide, hand-in-hand, to enter the musty realm of lovemaking.

From Jason Mulgrew.

Well said

A message from an inauguration party pooper.

I didn't see much of the coverage, as I didn't take the day off from producing goods and services that build wealth for my company, thus building wealth for shareholders, etc. What I did see was embarrassing.

I agree, if someone held a gun to my head and made me pick between Obama and McCain (thank goodness they didn't and I had a Libertarian on the ballot), I would have voted for Obama. My main concern isn't so much the creeping socialism or the insane 'stimulus' package, it's the troubling behavior of the media. The One can do no wrong. He is what you want Him to be. I fear the media may not fairly cover the inevitable missteps, mistakes, and unpopular choices. They certainly won't point out where He continues the "failed" policies of the Bush administration, for example.

They haven't pointed out the people he's putting in his cabinet are insiders, not agents of change. They are ignoring (as did the Senate) legitimate issues with Hilliary Clinton's fundraising and conflicts of interest, they are ignoring the tax cheat who is going to run the Treasury, and they ignored an Attorney general who supported freeing actual terrorists from prison. (This isn't necessarily a shot at the new President. He's a political animal, and he owes some people).

We are going to more and more have to rely on alternative media... I hope everyone realises that.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a run

What was probably the best Ravens season comes to an end. Dissapointing loss, but face it, the Steelers are the better team.

The Ravens will be back next year, and they'll be better.

(Go Cardinals!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Doughnuts and Abortion

From the WTF files: The American Life League is upset because Krispy Kreme is giving away one free doughnut of customers' choice on January 20th, Inauguration Day.

"The unfortunate reality of a post-Roe v. Wade America is that 'choice' is synonymous with abortion access, and celebration of 'freedom of choice' is a tacit endorsement of abortion rights on demand," the group's president, Judie Brown said in a statement.

Freedom of choice = Abortion. Republicans, take note. We can't take you seriously if you continue to pander to these folks... this might be why Mr. Obama is about to be President. (Of course, removing freedom of choice is part of the Republican philosophy, not just abortion.)

Hat tip: The Slackmistress via Twitter

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's Our Name?

The team no one wants to play does it again to the Titans. The most stressful and exciting 13-10 game I think I've ever seen. Playoff win #2. 2 more to go.

Honestly, this feels better than 2000.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lookee there

The esteemed mayor of Baltimore got indicted today.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Because poor outcomes means we need more solutions

Scott Gottlieb asks the question that generates the above answer. It's a good editorial, even if it's meanspirited.

It isn't about good outcomes.


Not so fast, please, says The One.

President-elect Barack Obama is urging Congress to postpone the Feb. 17 switch from analog to digital television broadcasting, arguing that too many Americans who rely on analog TV sets to pick up over-the-air channels won't be ready.

In a letter to key lawmakers Thursday, Obama transition team co-chair John Podesta said the digital transition needs to be delayed largely because the Commerce Department has run out of money for coupons to subsidize digital TV converter boxes for consumers. People who don't have cable or satellite service or a TV with a digital tuner will need the converter boxes to keep their older analog sets working.

Obama officials are also concerned the government is not doing enough to help Americans — particularly those in rural, poor or minority communities — prepare for and navigate the transition.

"With coupons unavailable, support and education insufficient, and the most vulnerable Americans exposed, I urge you to consider a change to the legislatively mandated analog cutoff date," Podesta wrote to the top Democrats and Republicans on the Senate and House Commerce committees.

Ending the failed Economic policies of the last 8 years

By pretty much continuing them?

Interesting. The Busch tax cuts were horrible! But these, these tax cuts will work, because we're doing it!

It's pretty clear our new President didn't get an MBA.

Tax cuts stimulate the economy. Whoever does it. Redistribution of wealth doesn't.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Playoff Win!

What a great year. Just dominant over the Dolphins. Dominant.

The offense is still the weak link, but this team is able to do what needs to be done to win. Everything from interceptions to blocked PAT.

Next week's a tough challenge, but I think the Ravens can beat the Titans. I don't know if they will, but they can.

I was 2-2 this weekend (I picked Indy, Falcons, Ravens, Eagles)

Next weekend's predictions:

Cardinals vs Panthers

Panthers blow the Cards out.

Ravens vs Titans

My heart says the Ravens, my brain says the Titans win this game, and I'm not sure it will even be close. The Titans are a better team; but I sure hope I'm wrong.

Eagles vs Giants

The Eagles are on a roll, but they didn't really look so hot yesterday. I think the Giants are the best team in the playoffs, and I don't see Philly beating them. This is another one where I hope I'm wrong.

Chargers vs Steelers

This is going to be a good game. The Chargers match up well against the Steelers, but I still have to pick the team with the best D, and that's the Steelers. It will be closer than you think.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Donation Suggested

You can win tickets to the inauguration, plus plane tickets and free hotel by writing an essay on what the inauguration means to you!

Conveniently, you may also submit a donation at the same time.

There's no connection. We promise.

Friday, January 2, 2009

When the Messiah comes to town, traffic's gonna be a bitch

Baltimore Sun story on the expected travel nightmare on Jan 20 for the swearing in of The One.

The expectation is traffic will be screwed up all the way to Baltimore.

Why can't all these people stay home and watch it on TV? Why do you have to be there?