Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well said

A message from an inauguration party pooper.

I didn't see much of the coverage, as I didn't take the day off from producing goods and services that build wealth for my company, thus building wealth for shareholders, etc. What I did see was embarrassing.

I agree, if someone held a gun to my head and made me pick between Obama and McCain (thank goodness they didn't and I had a Libertarian on the ballot), I would have voted for Obama. My main concern isn't so much the creeping socialism or the insane 'stimulus' package, it's the troubling behavior of the media. The One can do no wrong. He is what you want Him to be. I fear the media may not fairly cover the inevitable missteps, mistakes, and unpopular choices. They certainly won't point out where He continues the "failed" policies of the Bush administration, for example.

They haven't pointed out the people he's putting in his cabinet are insiders, not agents of change. They are ignoring (as did the Senate) legitimate issues with Hilliary Clinton's fundraising and conflicts of interest, they are ignoring the tax cheat who is going to run the Treasury, and they ignored an Attorney general who supported freeing actual terrorists from prison. (This isn't necessarily a shot at the new President. He's a political animal, and he owes some people).

We are going to more and more have to rely on alternative media... I hope everyone realises that.

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