Friday, September 30, 2005

New house!

We're putting our deposit on a house atDewars Landing.

The way property values are, I'll be multiplying my mortgage by 5.


Kermit is 50?

I'm getting old.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Training: Dynamic Effort Squat

Quick one today
box Squat
8 sets of 2 @ 265

Speed Deads
6 singles @ 275

Abs and Stretching

Workout time: 3:35p - 4:25p

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Training: Update

Due to circumstances somewhat out of my control, had to move my DE squat day from Monday to tomorrow (Thursday). Monday was just a terrible day - no sleep, long, long day at work. Tuesday and today were spent out in the field - I had planned to get there tonight, but had to go look at a house, as we are looking, and we are up against a deadline. On top of all that, we are hosting dinner for Mom in law and family Thursday, so there are things to do. I'm going tomorrow during the day, then Saturday and Sunday, and we'll be close to back on schedule.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Training: Max Effort Bench

I don't know what it is, but again I didn't want to go - I'm pretty sore, and just couldn't get moving today. But I went.
4 board press
2x15 @ 45
355x1 (PR)

Illegal wide bench
185x4 - stopped - cuff popped, and I don't take cuff risks

3x9 @ 135

Front raise
3x10 @ 25

Treadmill: 25 mins, 1.35 mi, 200 cals

Workout time: 4:00p - 5:25p

Required Reading

As usual, from Andrew Napolitano notes the abuse of power and ignorance of the Constitution.
The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives already signaled its intention to stifle such debate when it refused to allow members of the House to consider an amendment to a bill that allocated the initial $62 billion in funds to Katrina victims. The amendment would have directed federal departments and agencies to look for ways to offset waste, so as to recapture at best a portion of the funds. In a now infamous statement, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Republican from Texas, stated that Republican budget surgeons had already cut out all the waste in the federal government, so if nothing else can be cut, why bother with debate?

Such an attitude on the part of leadership, which denies the right of elected representatives to engage in a contested debate and presumes a federal constitutional duty to reconstruct, cheats voters out of meaningful participation in the legislative process and discloses a fundamental misunderstanding of our federal system of government.

A fundamental minsurnderstanding? I think more simply the abuse of power.
When the Framers wrote into the Constitution the 18 specific, delegated, enumerated powers of Congress, they cautiously and famously left to the states what we call today the police power. In constitutional jargon, the police power is the states' inherent right and authority to regulate and to spend for the health, safety, welfare, and morality of people in the respective states.

This power has been tempered by the 14th Amendment, which requires that the states exercise it fairly, equally among those they regulate, and free of racial considerations. But the Constitution does not give police power to the federal government. Of course Congress has enacted laws purporting to give itself the power and duty to rebuild after some natural disasters. But as anyone with a basic understanding of constitutional law knows, Congress cannot vote to give itself power; only the states can do so by amending the Constitution.

When a state or local government builds a road or a sewer or a levee with tax dollars it has collected from those subject to it, or with grants from Congress, or with loans from investors, it then owns, and should manage and maintain, what it built. If it is prudent, a state government will engage in preventive maintenance, and purchase insurance or set aside funds in case of a catastrophe. If a state government is not prudent, and a natural disaster strikes, why should American taxpayers bail it out? That would provide no incentive for prudence in the future. Why should American taxpayers cover for the blatant failure of Louisiana politicians to be prudent with tax dollars? The federal government's debt is exponentially larger than Louisiana's.

Who in his right mind would build anything below sea level and not maintain it, insure it, secure it, or put aside enough money to rebuild it after a flood? Only the government; the same government that diverted funds from rebuilding levees to financing new casinos.

One could argue that since the New Deal, Congress has been building roads, sewers, and bridges, to deliver pork to state and local governments by building instruments of interstate commerce. Last week, however, when he gave his much-heralded Jackson Square speech, President Bush offered to bail out not only Louisiana politicians too imprudent to maintain levees, but also every single resident person, whether tenant, landlord, homeowner, or businessperson, adversely affected by Katrina. When did the federal government become a guarantor against bad weather and weak levees? There is not even a constitutional argument to be made that the feds can take tax dollars collected or proceeds of bonds sold and give them give to private persons. That is not charity; it is wealth redistribution, pure and simple.

Charity is a gift from one's own assets; freely given, out of love, compassion, or guilt. It is inconceivable for someone to be charitable with someone else's money. But that's how the government will sell this scheme. Charity? Let me get this straight, Mr. President: You want to give $200 billion of our children's money to the same politicians who couldn't maintain their own levees or protect their own infrastructure and to the same voters who let them get away with such malfeasance? I can think of five members of the Senate whose collective net worth exceeds $2.5 billion; let them be charitable with their own money. Has not Katrina exposed the folly of too many tax dollars in the hands of politicians?

Of course, saying things like this just makes you mean. If the federal governemnt bails everyone out, where does it stop? Shall I cancel my homeowners insurance knowing the feds will pay to repair my roof if a tree falls on it? If you buy a house in an area below sea level, protected by levees, and vulnerable to a major hurricane, you take a risk. You can not assume the government will bail you out when it goes bad, and frankly, it is not only illegal, it is immoral for the government to take money from me by force and give it to you when you take a risk that doesn't pan out.
If Katrina taught us anything it is that the last 40 years of social welfare has failed miserably. It has also taught us that those who suffered the most were those who relied on the government the most. How much suffering must there be until self-reliance, not government dependence, becomes the norm? Will members of Congress and the Gulf Coast political class have the courage to address this without spending taxpayers' money? Don't bet on it. Low taxes, local education, market driven inner-city jobs, and the self-reliance that comes slowly with the accumulation of personal resources do not translate into votes as quickly as handouts and dependence do.

This point has been made well by several people, even Rush gets this one right. Clearly the New Deal and Great Society have completely failed. The biggest thing to learn after Katrina is that relying on the government to take care of you is a generally bad idea.
Mr. President, what new natural disaster, exacerbated by political incompetence, will the federal government pay for next? The remedy for political incompetence is not more money in the hands of the incompetents, it is to vote the bums out of office. Mr. President, who re-built Galveston after its flood and Chicago after its fire and San Francisco after its earthquake? Free enterprise and low taxes; not the federal government.

Unfortunately, everyone thinks the government can do it better. I'll never understand why.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Training: ME Squat/Dead

Took a mobility test, and decided my mobility is OK enough to not do specific mobility work during main sessions - I'm continuing to focus on flexibility, conditioning, and sticking with it.
Manta Ray Low Box Squat
325x1 (PR)
Went way forward on the last set - this wore me out.

Leg press
3x6 @ 6pps

HS leg curl
115x8, 5

Poor man GHR
2x8 @ +25

Lying leg raises


Treadmill: 22 mins, 1.15mi

Workout time: 5:45p - 7:15p

The Gay Agenda

Finally revealed.


As expected, the media is running with 'Gas prices could hit $5.00!!'

Well prices will certainly increase if everyone panics, and lines up to buy gasoline, won't they? (Econ 101 again, folks)

Notice, however, that while government hacks continue to point the finger at mean old big oil companies, they have yet to repeal a single gas tax.

There will be adjustments in price as supply may be affected by weather. Happens all the time. But ultimately, the price is set at the point at which the gas station owner sells his last gallon as the truck pulls up with more gas (except in Maryland, where he is required to charge at least what the gas cost him). If you don't want to pay that much for gas, don't. Drive less. Telecommute. Combine trips. If the gas station has gas left over when the new shipment shows up, the price comes down. The market always moves towards the market clearing price.

(I'm ignoring all of the government intervention that keeps this from working exactly this way, but for the purposes of this post, it's close enough. I'm also ignoring speculative buying, where a gas station owner would not sell gas at a competitive price in order to have more when the competitive price goes up, but that is going to be factored in to the market - someone will sell gas now.)

Spending your money

Your government is tyring to figure out how to pay for Katrina rebuilding.

Somehow I doubt that would include spending less on things the government shouldn't be spendin gmoney on, anyway. Given the President's lost pen (he's yet to veto a spending bill, or any bill, for that matter), I doubt we'll all of the sudden see some fiscal restraint.

Kinda funny to see how well some Democrats can play the game. Nancy Pelosi offered to give back all of the money earmarked for her district. Don Young (R-Alaska), well, not so much.
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said Wednesday, "Everything is on the table."

Well, not quite.

Hastert didn't match House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi's offer to give up $70 million in transportation projects in her California district — but he said the offer was "very gracious."

"Kiss my ear!" Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, barked when he was asked about suggestions by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and others that he forgo building a bridge to connect Ketchikan to tiny Gravina Island. Such pet projects are known as earmarks.

Thing is, the people asking Young for the money back voted for him to get it in the first place.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Training: Dynamic Effort Bench

Long day at work today, another long day tomorrow, wanted an excuse not to go, but I'm glad I got it in.

Phase 1, Cycle 4, Day 4

Bench press
2x15 @ 45
2x3 @ 135
8x3 @ 185

JM press
4x6 @ 135

Neutral grip pullups
4x5, 1x3(f)

Reverse incline rear delt
2x12 @ 30

Workout time: 7:05p - 7:55p

Yeah. No cardio. Meh.

So, a recap of cycle 4...
Improve Conditioning
Well, another cycle missing the treadmill goal. Tonight was just a desire to get home, I still had work to do and had to get ready for a long day tomorrow. No, that's not an excuse. Next cycle, repeat 1:10 goal. I do think I'm having less trouble getting through workouts, I may add in a little more volume.

Improve Mobility
Still doing well stretching every session, but I didn't do much mobility work, other than the mobility workout. I really do need to add in a mobility warmup.

Build base strength by focusing on the basics
I'm pretty good at this part. No missed workouts this week, although I'd be happier if I had done a real ME squat workout.

Keep on keepin' on for cycle 5.

Take me to the moon

NASA says just $104 Billion to build the vehicle to go to the moon by 2018.

That's about $520 or so in tax money I could have back (probably more, I used 200 million as the number of taxpayers) assuming it comes in on budget (ha!). On something we already did, oh, 45 years ago, right?

My favorite part of the article is how NASA defines failure rates:
Two shuttles and 14 astronauts have been lost over 114 flights, Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003. Nonetheless, NASA puts the existing failure rate for the shuttles at 1-in-220. The failure rate for the crew exploration vehicle is put at 1-in-2,000.

Using government math, 2 lost shuttles in 114 flights = 2 in 220. I sure would like to be able to use that math in my job!

What a waste.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Thank goodness for the government

Protecting hungry people from foreign food.

Of course, if you've been reading this blog, or any Libertarian madness elsewhere on the interweb, you'd not be suprised at all.

I'm not.

Of course, I find it a little ironic that the socialists in Britain have their underwear in a bunch over this; it seems some of the people from whom the money was taken by force to by the food the US is going to destroy are a little ticked.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Training: Dynamic Effort Squat

Another one of those days that going to the gym didn't really fit into what I would have wanted to do. My newest niece was baptized today, and there was the usual lunch thing after. The Ravens were playing, and it's always fun to watch with my dad.


Phase 1, Cycle 4, Day 3
Box Squat
8 sets of 2 @ 245

Speed Deads
6 singles @ 275
These were very good. Form was good, even with the briefs on, which normaly make me uncomfortable pulling

HS shrugs - standing
3x8 @ 4pps

Dimel dead
2x15 @ 155

Seated calf raise
2x12 @ 120

situps 1x12
side bends
2x12 @ 45

Treadmill: 20 mins, 168 cals, 1.03 miles

Workout time: 3:55p - 5:40p

Friday, September 16, 2005

Training: ME Bench

Still feeling beat down, so I decided to do something a little different, and still get some good work in.

Phase 1, Cycle 4, Day 2
Illegal wide bench (grip index about an inch outside rings)
4x6 @ 185
These were harder than I thought they would be. I think I may plug these in as a supplemental lift for a couple of cycles.

4x8 @ 135

Front raise
3x12 @ 20

OH rope ext
4x12 @ 75

Rope hammer curl
3x15 @ 75

Treadmill: 22 minutes, 180 cals, 1.1mi

Workout time: 5:50p - 7:10p

Saw some interesting stuff last night. Generally, the gym is pretty empty on Fridays, what with happy hour and all. Last night, I watched a skinny little buggar do what sort of looked like a bench press with 315, then the celebration after. I also saw a dad and a son, the son maybe 12, and remarkably obese. Good to see them training together. If I see them again, I may give some tips, as they were spending their time on machines that didn't really fit the kid.

Another important holiday.

This one, falling on September 19, just 2 days after Constitution Day!

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Constitution Day

Did you know there is a law requiring schools that get federal funding celebrate Constitution Day?

I think the idiots who voted for that law should be required to attend a class on the Constitution, and then find where in the Constitution the power to require the celebration of a holiday in schools is.

Via Catallarchy

One Nation, Under The Flying Spaghetti Monster...

The pledge is in the news again.

This time, the same guy who got it in the news last time (and who was rebuffed by the SCOTUS on a technicality) has done it again. And, as usual, both sides get it pretty much wrong.

The issue is not the words in the pledge itself. The Constitution says the government can not establish a religion, and the wording of the pledge doesn't do that. You don't have to say the words if you choose.

The key, here, is the use of force - and that is what the judge ruled (correctly, assuming the report is accurate). If the state requires the recitation of the pledge, it is violating the Constitution. Frankly, I think it more a free speech issue than a freedom of religion issue, but whatever.

I think the more important point to make is the recitation of the pledge by youngsters is essentially meaningless to them, and just one more part of the indoctronation to statism.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Training: ME Squat/Deadlift

I'm beat down a little, from helping move furniture and not getting enough sleep last week. I decided to back off today, and try to recover some to keep things going - I have a tendancy to keep at it in the short term, then take a long break when I get sick of it.

Phase 1, Cycle 4, Day 1

Mobility training - 20 minutes
Ran through a number of mobility/strethcing movements

Felt pretty good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Training: DE Bench

Saw a different crowd (ok, 3 people) in the gym this afternoon. I like midday training. A couple of college kids in squatting and benching. When I was in college, I was smoking and drinking.

Phase 1, Cycle 3, Day 4

Bench press
2x20 @ 45
2x3 @ 135
8 sets of 3 @ 185, 3 grips All very fast
All easy

Close grips
2x8 @ 185

150 x 10,10,10,8

Reverse incline rear delt
3x8 @ 25

Hammer curl
2x20 @ 20

2x20 @ 150

Workout time: 1:15p - 2:05p

So, the end of another cycle. How'd I do? Not so good on the conditioning, but I'm giving myself a pass, as I helped someone move over the weekend, and I did a lot of walking last week.

Improve Conditioning
As I said, not so good. However, I am cranking through workouts when I'm tired, and they are getting a little easier, so it is improving. I do need to get back on the treadmill. 1:10 in Cycle 4. Diet has still been iffy.

Improve Mobility
Stretching is still helping, but 'm still not doing my mobility work. Starting with Cycle 4, I'm going to do a mobility warmup before each session.

Build base strength by focusing on the basics
This is going well. No skipped workouts this cycle, and I'm sticking to focusing on big lifts. I'm also incorporating a little more structure with my ME work, doing 3 lifts over 90% (work up using triples, then hit a lift around 90%, try for a PR, then drop down to 95% or so for a third lift, or go for another PR if I'm feeling good.) This may go up as we go along and I test my tolerance of volume. Setting PRs on ME work is now also going to be an indicator, as I'm getting back into things and will start having lifts repeat. Cycle 4 will continue with the same basic protocol. For DE work, I'm trying to keep doing about 10% of my reps over 80% (and generally under 90%), which has been going OK so far.

Normally, phases will be 3-4 cycles, however with this phase, I still really need to continue working on the same things, so I'll continue with this phase. I may change how I structure things as different lifts get into different phases (I may do phases with DE work that don't match up with ME phases, etc), but for now, I'll keep it simple. Simple is good.

Must remember: Strong people lift heavy. Don't complicate that.

Wet dogs.

A great post at The Slack. (I've been reading The Slack pretty much weekly for years - Nina was a contributor to for a long time, and I was a daily reader.)

The Humane Society was on the list of groups where we are sending money. While I may own the canine opposite of a Pit Bull (a Sheltie), it still broke my heart to see photos of dogs needing rescue.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Not taking people's rights away

Interesting article in the Baltimore Sun on rezoning my neighborhood.

I'm of the position that not only is the mix of residential and commercial use buildings part of the character and charm of Fells Point, but, of course, the owner of a building should be able to use the building as he wishes.

Within 4 blocks of my house, there are restaraunts, bars, marinas, a convenience store, warehouses, sundry small and large businesses, homes ranging from around $150k to upwards of $800k, parking lots, a market, liquor stores, and a strip club. And I love it!

Alas, the Fells Point Homeowners Association (the people who oppose everything) thinks:
"We're not taking any rights away from anyone," she says. "There's plenty of live entertainment in Fells Point. ... We can't handle much more."

Kay Hogan, a past leader of the association, agrees, saying that Fells Point has enough bars, certainly on streets where people are trying to make homes.

"We don't want to eliminate the funkiness and variety," she says. "We're in a transition now, and I'm not sure you're going to see a lot of street mixing from now on. It's just a fact of life."

An opposing view:
Generally, the task force plan would scale back existing commercial areas and prohibit more retail from creeping onto predominantly residential streets.

The hope, say planners, is this approach will encourage new businesses to set up shop on dense commercial corridors such as Broadway and Thames - the only streets the task force would allow taverns and restaurants with live entertainment, possibly the most contentious aspect of the plan.

Even on those streets, the task force would permit bands or disc jockeys only on the southernmost tip of Broadway and on certain parts of Thames.

Pat Russell, who owns Koopers, Slainte and Woody's Love Shack, all bars on Thames, is frustrated that the plan wouldn't fix his inability to bring an Irish band to his pub, even though the competition on the street can.

Though late last week it appeared as if the task force might be willing to allow more live music on Thames Street after all, Russell was still having a hard time understanding why people who chose to live in Fells Point would want to stifle its business culture.

If you don't want to live amongst businesses, bars, etc, then move to White Marsh.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Training: DE Squat/Dead

Another rough day - spent Saturday helping my brother move. Glad I got in, though.
Box Squat
8 sets of 2 @ 265 Speed good
315x2 easy and fast
365x1 a little slow
375x1 slower, but not hard.

Good morning
2x6 @ 225

HS Shrug (seated)
3x12 @ 2pps

Dimel Deads
2x15 @ 145

Seated calf raise
2x15 @ 90

Pull down abs
3x12 @ 150

10 mins stretching

Workout time: 3:20p - 4:35p

Excellent session. Picked up some form pointers on the squat/dead DVD.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Things you won't see on Fox News

The only honest person in the Bush Administration calls the rest of them out.
General Powell said that he had “never seen evidence to suggest” a connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the regime of Saddam Hussein, unlike Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, who has made such a claim.

It was nice, for a while, to have a man of good character in the administration. He's obviously upset how he was duped. It's too bad he won't actually blame them.

Turning to his pre-war address to the UN Security Council, when he forcefully made the case for invasion and offered proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, General Powell said that he felt terrible about the claims he made. Asked whether the speech would tarnish his reputation, he replied: “Of course it will. It’s a blot. I’m the one who presented it on behalf of the United States to the world, and (it) will always be part of my record. It was painful. It’s painful now.”

General Powell, 68, did not blame George Tenet, the CIA’s Director at the time, for the misleading information, which included satellite photographs of trucks that he asserted were mobile biological weapons laboratories. Instead, he blamed lower-level intelligence analysts for not speaking out during the five days he pored over reports at the CIA as he prepared the speech.

He said: “George Tenet . . . believed what he was giving to me was accurate.” He added: “There were some good people in the intelligence community who knew at the time that some of these sources were not good and shouldn’t be relied upon, and they didn’t speak up. That devastated me.”

Another public official demonstrates his economic ignorance...

I don't understand how someone makes it to 'Governor' without a basic understanding of Microeconomics.

The Governor of Maryland is 'not satisfied' with gas prices.

Mr. Governor, may I suggest a night class at one of Maryland's fine public universities. In the meantime, let me help you out a little.
"I understand a spike (in prices) as a result of a hurricane. I do not understand why Maryland has to be a top five or top 10 state," he said. "It's an intolerable situation."

Because Maryland is always a top 5 or 10 state. Why? Taxes, and the rediculous formulation requirements due to the clean air act (the same rediculous requirements that put the known carcinogen in gasoline that leaked out of a tank that made a bunch of people sick, although we continue to blame the mean old oil company).
Drew Cobbs, executive director of the Maryland Petroleum Council, said prices in Maryland are driven by supply and demand and also by the fact that Maryland is required under the federal Clean Air Act to use a clean burning fuel that is more costly to produce.

"That does not give us much flexibility," he said. "We can't just run across the state boundaries and grab somebody else's gas."

Ehrlich asked the Environmental Protection Agency last week for a temporary waiver from the requirement that the cleaner burning fuel be sold in the state. He said he has not gotten a response from the EPA.

Unfortunately (but not suprising at all), Mr. Ehrlich did not suggest gasoline taxes (or are they 'fees' too?) in Maryland be lowered. He also did not suggest repealing the Maryland law that makes it illegal to sell gasoline for less than the wholesale cost, which doesn't allow the market (supply and demand, which you'll learn about in your class) set the price.

At the end of the day, gas prices are set at the point where gas stations sell the most gasoline possible for the most profit. Just like the price of milk, bread, cars, computers, etc, etc, etc.

Econ 101. Seriously.

Training: ME Bench

I sure wanted to blow today off, but I watched part of the Elite Fitness Squat'Deadlift DVD, and got some motivation. Wendler is the man.

Phase 1, Cycle 3, Day 2
2 board press
2x15 @ 45

DB Bench


Front raise
3x10 @ 20


Workout Time: 5:55p - 6:50p

No cardio again. I was still tired. Excellent session. I'm going to continue with doing 3 lifts over 90%, One at around 90-95%, the next for a PR, then a down set back around 95% or so.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Training: Max Effort Squat/Dead

Making lemonade out of lemons.

Phase 1, Cycle 3, Day 1

Leg press
4x5 @ 6pps

HS leg curl
5x8 @ 100
superset with
HS pulldown
5x8 @ 2pps

hypers superset with hanging leg raises

10 mins stretching

Workout time: 6:40p - 7:50p

Government Failure

Brian Williams has a good post at msnbc.

I just wonder if he'll reach the conclusion that more government is the answer. After the complete breakdown 4 years ago, we responded with a more bloated government to 'fix' the problem.

What we saw over the last 10 days is the result. What happens if the attack isn't one from nature that we predicted, but one from a terrorist that we can't?

Accountability, now. And let's get some discussion going about using government where perhaps there are other solutions.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Training: DE Bench

Phase 1, Cycle 2, Day 4

The scheduled workout was on Sunday, the 4th. Due to poor planning,a couple of poor choices on my part, a busy weekend, the holiday (gym hours were restricted today), and a really poorly timed impending 3 day team meeting, I didn't make it.

Mostly, it was my poor planning and poor choices. I was out really late Saturday - it was time well spent, as I saw an old friend I hadn't seen or talked to for a very long time. Sunday Mrs. Stagg and I had a painting project to tackle. I got to sleep at a little after 2am, and got up at about 7am, ready and rarin' to go (getting home late isn't that awful when you only have a couple of beers!) - unfortunately, the less than 5 hours of sleep took a toll, and I didn't go to the gym. No worries, though, because I could just move it to Monday!

Well, due to the holiday, the gym was only open from 10 - 2, and the painting project interfered.

Alas, I do still have to take a look at Cycle 2, and see how I did.

Improve Conditioning
I said I would do 1hour and 10 minutes on the treadmill this week. I didn't come close, only having done 25 minutes. I am changing the time frame to match my cycles to make it a little easier to get done. Same goal for Cycle 3 - 1:10 on the treadmill. I said I would improve my diet. Did well this week, but not as well as I need to do. The weekend has been awful - that happens when there is a house project - we don't cook, we do delivery, cook hot dogs, that sort of thing.

Improve Mobility
Stretching at the end of each workout is good, but I still haven't done my mobility training. I think I need to include it as a warmup or something (that will help with conditioning, too), if I'm not going to do it on off days.

Build base strength by focusing on the basics
Skipped a DE bench session. Keeping the lifting basic, though.

My next cycle will be a little off the usual schedule due to work, but it's still 4 workouts in 8 days. Tuesday is ME Squat, Friday is ME Bench (this is the off schedule day), Saturday is DE Squat, and Monday is DE Bench. The same training phase continues. More than likely, this phase will last at least another 4 weeks unless there is some miraculous change in my conditioning.


Really. Wow.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Training: Dynamic Effort Squat/Dead

Friday evening training.

Phase 1, Cycle 2, Day 3
Box Squat
8 sets of 2 @ 245, 1 minute rest or less
365x1, 1
Heavy sets felt easy

25 minute break - went into the locker room to get out of my briefs, and ended up in a long conversation. Being polite is a bitch.

Good morning
2x5 @ 225

HS shrug, seated
3x11 @ 2pps

Dimmel Deads
2x15 @ 135

Pull down abs
3x12 @ 150


Workout time: 6:20p - 7:45p

Yup. No cardio again.

Is it really the fault of the state?

Lew Rockwell thinks so.

I'm generally a fan of Mr. Rockwell. He eloquently and clearly outlines positions I share regarding the overbearing power of the state, and our willingness just to go along and give up essential Liberty.

I take a little issue with this article, though. I think the timing is awful. I'd rather see the time spent finding what's wrong with the situation in New Orleans be spent trying to find ways to make it right.

I also think his point, while valid, makes a logical error in assuming in this case the privatization solution would have resulted in a significantly different outcome. But we can't know that.

The problem here is public ownership itself. It has encouraged people to adopt a negligent attitude toward even such obvious risks. Private developers and owners, in contrast, demand to know every possible scenario as a way to protect their property. But public owners have no real stake in the outcome and lack the economic capacity to calibrate resource allocation to risk assessment. In other words, the government manages without responsibility or competence


It is critically important that the management of the whole of the nation's infrastructure be turned over to private management and ownership. Only in private hands can there be a possibility of a match between expenditure and performance, between risk and responsibility, between the job that needs to be done and the means to accomplish it

This is my position as well, but we simply can not know the result of private ownership in this disaster. It might have been worse, it might have been better. I know what I think, and certainly Rockwell makes that case, but we just can't know.

Rockwell also points out that Libertarians get made fun of when we say stuff like this.

Can levees and pumps and disaster management really be privatized? Not only can they be; they must be if we want to avoid ever more apocalypses of this sort. William Buckley used to poke fun at libertarians and their plans for privatizing garbage collection, but this disaster shows that much more than this ought to be in private hands. It is not a trivial issue; our survival may depend on it.

I think we'll get made fun of again, because we can't show that a private system would have been better - we think it would, but you never know.

We can't place any blame right now. This disaster is ultimately due to one thing - a big hurricane. We can't stop them, we don't cause them, and they cause lots of damage when they hit.

Right now, we have to made due with what we've got, and hopefully make adjustments. Learn from the things that don't go right, celebrate the things that do (especially the remarkable charity of our culture), and hope for the best.