Friday, September 16, 2005

Training: ME Bench

Still feeling beat down, so I decided to do something a little different, and still get some good work in.

Phase 1, Cycle 4, Day 2
Illegal wide bench (grip index about an inch outside rings)
4x6 @ 185
These were harder than I thought they would be. I think I may plug these in as a supplemental lift for a couple of cycles.

4x8 @ 135

Front raise
3x12 @ 20

OH rope ext
4x12 @ 75

Rope hammer curl
3x15 @ 75

Treadmill: 22 minutes, 180 cals, 1.1mi

Workout time: 5:50p - 7:10p

Saw some interesting stuff last night. Generally, the gym is pretty empty on Fridays, what with happy hour and all. Last night, I watched a skinny little buggar do what sort of looked like a bench press with 315, then the celebration after. I also saw a dad and a son, the son maybe 12, and remarkably obese. Good to see them training together. If I see them again, I may give some tips, as they were spending their time on machines that didn't really fit the kid.


Chris D. said...

Yeah I see some pretty interesting observations in the gym as well. Most of them provide me with a good laugh and I go about my workout smiling!

Jon said...

315 for a skinny kid is pretty damn impressive.

I've found when benching with a grip at or beyond competition width it gets really difficult as well. My second or third finger on the rings give me my strongest lifts.

Paul Stagg said...

It wasn't impressive. It was more like a 2 board press with a silly uneven lockout.

But he can brag to all of his friends.