Thursday, June 2, 2005

We aren't all that far away...

Indian Government bans smoking in films. They are also requiring a warning be shown over any scene where someone is smoking in films made before the ban.

As usual, the world nanny statists are pleased:
The WHO, which claims that when a cinematic heart-throb lights a cigarette his young fans are three times more likely to do the same, welcomed the ban as a sign that Delhi is taking the silver-screen health threat seriously.

"Portrayal of attractive people smoking has an influence on young people as some of them identify with those on the screens," said Harsaran Pandey, the WHO's spokeswoman for south-east Asia.

And a quote I think sums up the positions of Left/socialists who proclaim they are the defenders of 'freedom' everywhere:
The Indian government has insisted the regulations will not impinge upon artistic freedom - but film-makers disagree.

Ahhh, yes. We tell you what you can and cannot put in your films, but we are not at all infringing on your freedom to do whatever you want. Just make sure whatever you want is what WE want, because we know better.

Thing is - the US isn't far behind.

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