Monday, November 7, 2005

Congratulations Tony Stewart

On clinching the 2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series points championship. As long as he starts both races remaining, Greg Biffle can only make up 302 points, and currently, Stewart has a 303 point lead.

But wait, you say - according to NASCAR, Jimmie Johnson is 38 points back, and Carl Edwards is 3rd 77 points back. Balderdash, I say. I refuse to recognize the silly 'chase'. If you count the points scored through the year, the guy who scores the most is the champ. What NASCAR does is give more points to the people in the top ten (but not the same number to each - the ones further behind get more points to make the 'chase' artificially close), points they didn't actually earn in races.

Last year, Jeff Gordon won his 5th points championship, and they gave the trophy and the money to Kurt Busch. I had hoped that would teach NASCAR a lesson, given Busch's inability to carry himself as a champ. This year, it looks like the right guy might get what he deserves.

By the way - Carl Edwards is the real deal. We may never see another 50 race winner, but if we do, he'll be it.

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