Friday, November 25, 2005

There's a reason they don't want you paying attention...

The Bush administration decided to charge Jose Padilla with a crime. Why? Because his laywers are getting close to having the Supreme Court hear his case regarding the indefinate incarceration of anyone deemed an 'enemy combatant'.

See, even though it appears the Bush administration is unable to comprehend the Constitution, they can. So they certainly don't want this in front of the Supreme Court (although their ability to read the Constitution is questionable).

There is simply no argument that backs up what they are doing, and they don't want to have to make one. Couple that with the possibility of the use of questionable tactics when questioning the detainees. As usual, this administration isn't willing to stand up to a Constitutional challenge.

This is important stuff. Naturally, that's why I found it in the Financial Times instead of the Washington Times.

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