Thursday, November 10, 2005

What makes Palmiero a scumbag?

I'll tell you. It's not that he might have lied to congress - they don't seem to think so.

It's not that he used steroids. Professional athletes use a variety of performance enhancing drugs, and I have no trouble with it unless they are participating in a sport where there is a non-tested alternative. (Powerlifting, for example. Someone competing in the USAPL on gear is a jackass, because they have non-tested places to compete.)

It's because of this:
Palmeiro, 41, said yesterday he didn't intentionally take the substance and it may have entered his body through a vitamin B-12 shot he received from a teammate. He was tested for drugs May 4, seven weeks after his appearance before Congress.

How stupid do you think we are? 'Tainted'? How? Reusing a syringe? You used, you got caught, you even got to have your little day in the spotlight after you knew you had failed the test but before baseball suspended you, and now you take ZERO responsibility for it. You blame someone else, and make a claim that is pretty rediculous, hoping the public will buy it.

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