Saturday, December 24, 2005

Questions Republicans won't answer.

Do you want president Hilliary Clinton to have this power? Well, that's why it's not OK for any of them to have it.

And you think there won't be another President Clinton? Think again. The Republicans are in big trouble for this year's elections. And if the Democrats play their cards 'right', they'll take control of the Senate and the White house in '08.

Think about it - people are pissed, and the blame (rightfully or not) is going towards the Republicans. When one of the few things they can point to as a success is the pork laiden highway bill, they are clearly grasping at straws. Couple that with taking the blame for Iraq, the largest rate of growth of government in decades, some of the SCOTUS rulings that destroy personal property rights (and the inaction of the legislature to correct those rulings), and now the blatant violations of the Constitution in the name of fighting terrorism, and you've got a recipe for change.

It might not be Ms. Clinton, but it will be a Democrat in '08. After having seen the past 6 years, though, that might not be a bad thing.

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