Friday, December 9, 2005

Training: Prep Phase, Cycle 2, Day 3

Went to the chiropractor today for a much overdue tune up. That made me a little sore. Searched for an excuse not to go, but didn't use one.
Warmup: 5 mins ellptical level 3
Forward stepovers 1x10
side stepovers 1x10
duck unders 1x20

Box Squat
2x2 @ 135
6x2 @ 225
Speed was good, conditioning getting better.

Good Morning
2x8 @ 135
Easy, felt good.

Hypers (+25) superset with bench situps

Lots of stretching

Treadmill: 15:30, .74 mi, 120 cals.

Workout time: 1:15

I'm starting to look forward to cranking things up. I'm feeling like 3 weeks of prep work may not be enough, but 6 might not be necessary. Next week will really determine things.


f=ma said...

paul, do you still compete in USAPL? i googled some old results from '02 but I was curious where your raw lifts are from the more recent past.


Paul Stagg said...

Hey -

I haven't lifted in a meet since then. I really don't know where my squat stands, somewhere in the mid to high 400's probably (last PR was 425 or 430 I think, but it's been a long time since then)... my deadlift is in the low 400s (which sucks - I've spent years trying to figure it out), my best raw bench is 320 if I recall correctly.

This is all assuming you are asking where it will be once I get back into shape. I'd be thrilled to hit 400/300/400 if I had to do it today.