Saturday, December 31, 2005

Training: Regular Phase, Cycle 1, Day 3

One of those workouts that has people wondering what the hell I'm doing. Good stuff.
DE Squat/Dead
Warmup: Stepovers, front and side 2x10
duck unders 1x20

Box squat (briefs)
12x2 @ 225. Less than 1 minute between sets. Speed outstanding. Form getting better. Conditioning good. 12 sets is a lot, and I got through it pretty easily.

15x1 @ 245. Yes, 15 singles. 30 seconds between sets. Speed and form was very good. This is from a very old Louie Simmons deadlift article, where there is a 6 week cycle starting with 15 singles @ about 60%, working up to 6 singles at 85%. Might as well give it a go.

Good Morning
3x5 @ 225

HS shrug (seated, for height, Robboe)
3x12 @ 2pps

45 degree hypers
4x8 @ +45

Side bends
3x8 @ 45

10 mins stretching

Workout time: 1:25

This was a tough one. I got tired by the end, and really didn't want to put the effort into the ab work, but I got it done. It was also a little longer than I like, but it takes a while to warm up, set things up and put them away, get out of briefs... plus it's a lot of work. All in all, I think this is an excellent start, and a good indicator of how well the prep phase worked. All I have to do now is keep it up, and make sure I put the deload in the right place.


Scott said...

Nice workout. What's an HS shurg?

Paul Stagg said...

Hammer Strength