Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Training: Regular Phase, Cycle 2, Day 1

Set some PRs, and got to talk to a couple of guys at the gym I hadn't seen for a while... always good to pick the brains of guys much stronger than you.
Warmup: 5 mins elliptical, level 3
stepovers (hole 2) front and side, both 10 reps
bar squats 1x10

Low box squat
365x1 (PR)
375x1 (PR)
355x0 Unracked it and was way too wobbly, I was spent. Last noted PR for this was 355 or so. This is pretty big, especially when my goal was just to get close to old PRs. I do want to improve so I can get at least 3 lifts in over 90%.

Icarian Leg press (the one I don't like)
4x10 @ 4pps.
ROM is screwed up because of the back pad and the angle of the machine, I round my back.

Pull thru
3x12 @ 130

Pull down abs
4x12 @ 150

HS seated leg curl
3x9 @ 90

Calf raise
2x15 @ 200

10 mins stretching

Treadmill: 8:15 on cardio setting (heart rate 150), 85 cals, .4 mi. This order to get my heart rate up without running, the incline was rediculous, and that made the side of my lower leg cramp as it does when I run. I think I need to bag the treadmill, and use the elliptical machine, and do some interval training on off days outside.

Workout time: 2:15 - 3:50

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Scott said...

Nice work on the PRs. That's a good jump.