Monday, May 22, 2006

President gets one right!

I was watching CNN this morning at the car dealership (R&H Mercedes, by the way, has a best in class service department) and saw part of the President's 'question and answer' session at some sort of foodservice convention.

As one would expect, the questions were, if not planted, quite well screened and rehearsed. After the obligatory 'we are gettin' those terrorists in Iraq' (even though that's not where Osama is), the President took a question on health care.

He discussed Medicare, and how wonderful it is that the government provides healthcare and (now) prescription meds for old people. Then he started talking about how the market is a good thing, and that he would like to see a system where you have catastrophic health care coverage, and a medical savings account (much like a 401k, but for health care costs) that is tax free.

Something we crazy Libertarians have been suggesting for years!

Good for you, Mr. President.

One other thing I noticed, he's been working on his delivery. He sounded much more polished, confident, and less 'smirky' than I've seen him.

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