Friday, June 16, 2006

An excellent example...

Of how remarkably sad a state we are in with respect the the nanny state.

From some letters to USA Today regarding the stupidity of a certain Pittsburgh quarterback.
Time to change laws

In light of this week's motorcycle accident that seriously injured quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, I think states such as Pennsylvania have to take a serious look at their laws concerning the use of motorcycle helmets.

About 20 of the 50 states have full motorcycle helmet laws requiring riders of all ages to wear a helmet. In fact, four states — Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire — have no laws requiring motorcycle riders of any age to wear a helmet.

The law in Pennsylvania, where Roethlisberger's incident happened, says riders 21 years or older are not required to wear a helmet. The motorcycle helmet law that was in place was repealed in 2003.

Even before the Roethlisberger incident, I always felt that Pennsylvania's repealing of the motorcycle helmet law was a mistake. Living in Pennsylvania, I see many riders going without helmets all of the time. While there is always a risk riding a motorcycle, not wearing a helmet is an even bigger risk.

As a resident of Pennsylvania, I would encourage Gov. Ed Rendell and the Pennsylvania Legislature to take another look at the repealed motorcycle helmet law.

I would also urge other states to look at their laws as well.

Wearing a simple helmet is definitely worth saving your life.

Craig Barto

Girard, Pa.

Well, Craig, driving a car is a risk, driving it without a helmet and 5 point harness is a bigger risk. So I guess that should be a law too? Working out is a risk, but lifting weights is more of a risl, so we should pass a law, I guess. Hell, motorcycles are so risky, let's just outlaw them all together.

Individual Responsibility. Deal with it. I can not believe people would rather the government protect them than protect themselves from their own stupidity.

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