Monday, June 26, 2006


Is it ironic that I cant find the GPS I want?

I think Target might have it.

Also, on a related note: I found my valuation behavior interesting this weekend. I finally decided to buy a GPS - I'm on the road in unfamiliar areas a great deal, and Mrs Stagg could also use it on occasion. The one I picked has route optimization (the only one I can find), where you can plug in 20 stops, and the unit will optimize the route for you.

Anyway, the unit lists for $700. I found it online as low as $540 at a number of retailers, including places like, certainly well reputed. I've decided, however, given the risk invoved with online ordering, and the convenience of the return policies at B&M retailers, to pay about $100 more for the unit that I could in order to be able to just return it, instead of going through paying for shipping, etc, for a replacement if there is a problem.

Might be something to that, and the influence (or lack thereof) of online retailers on actual stores.

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