Friday, July 14, 2006

I told you so.

Cenk Uygur on what is happening in Iraq. Nice post, and the comments are also very good.

Over and over again, we crazy Libertarians, painted as 'Anti war wackos', 'unpatriotic', and whatever else the mornic Right decided to call us, told you this was going to happen, and that we were better off letting it happen on it's own instead of having it happen with 150,000 of our troops (and how many billions of dollars now?) in the middle of it.

Iraq is a country containing 3 very distinct groups, all of which don't like the others very much. The only thing keeping the area stable was the oppression of Hussien, a member of one of the smaller groups. There is absolutley no doubt he's a horrible man. But there was never a reason for us to invade, and now that we are there, exactly what (some of us) thought would happen is happening. And we can't stop it.

What we had, though, was an oppressive secular government, that while not really our best friends, certainly not aligned with the militant Islamic maniacs who attacked us. What we are going to end up with, at best, is another Islamic state. Again, some of us knew this would happen... and if we knew it, I'm pretty sure someone involved knew it, too.

Couple that with Iran and North Korea rattling their sabres, and we're too busy in Iraq to be able to do much about it. Put what's going on in Isreal on top of THAT.

Found Osama yet?

And y'all want to blame Clinton.

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