Thursday, July 6, 2006

Training: Update and ME Squat/Dead

One of the things Dr. John Berardi says in the No Nonsense Nutrition DVD is that lots of people overthink things, and they wait until everything is planned and perfect to start. Successful people start today.

I've always been the former when it comes to training and diet - the plan had to be in place, or there was no point in even going to the gym.

That stops. Now.

Speaking of nutrition and Berardi - I picked up his Precision Nutrition. He does a nice job of basically telling you to keep it simple, follow some basic rules and plan things out. I like the approach, and have been using it since Monday.

On to today's training, the fist session back in quite some time. Instead of coming up with a plan, breaking everything into phases and cycles, etc, I'm just going back to it. I'm going to use the basic WSB/conjugated/whatever you want to call it template - an ME Squat and an ME Bench, a DE Squat and a DE Bench, focusing on whatever is weak to make it strong. For now, I think the DE days may be RE days, since I just need to work on getting jacked, not worry about speed so much. But we'll see. For ME days, I'll keep the main lift for 3 weeks, working up to a 5RM in week one, a 3RM week 2, and a 1RM week 3, then changing the lift and repeating.

Warmup: 5 mins elliptical
This was hard, but not earth shattering. I do know not to go nuts my first day back.

Leg press
2 legs 90x12
1 leg 2x5 @ 90
Weak. Unilateral stuff is a huge weakness for me. I need to bring it up, so I'll continue to include it.

3x15 @ 45
Be Smart!

45 degree hypers

Lying leg raises


Workout time: 3:15 - 4:10

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