Thursday, August 24, 2006

Beth Vaughan

On August 18, one of my all time favorite people died.

Beth Vaughan was a storyteller. She spent her time devoted to perfecting her craft, entertaining people, and to passing that craft on to yougsters and adults.

The Upper Nodd Players, a group of kids from the Northern Harford County area, performed improvisational fairy tales for other kids, we rehearsed at her farm, built our own sets, and learned how to tell a story from our perspective, in a way our audience could relate. She also worked with the local schools, she was an advisor for my Senior Play at North Harford High in 1988. The skills I learned from her, from the basics of movement, mime, and the ability to tell a story, I carry to this day. She made me a better person.

Without a doubt, she was one of the most influential people in my youth, and I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to know her and learn from her. I hope I made her proud.

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