Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Could this be the beginning of the end?

As I'm sure most already know, Senator Joe Lieberman (CT) lost in the Democratic primary yesterday. This shows a couple of things - primarily that Democrats in CT may either be getting back to the real 'differences' between they and Republicans, or more likely, they are just so Anti-Bush that they had to vote for change given the perception that Lieberman agrees with the President on a number of issues.

Of more importance to those of us in 'third' parties, this could be the beginning of an encouraging trend in politics - moving away from the megaparty and actually pointing out and voting for real differences in policy. They still may all be statists, but this shows a powerful incumbent can lose, even if the process is designed to make that virtually impossible.

Now, all we can hope is that he runs as an Independent, and throws a wrench into the whole thing.


Stash said...

not the beginning of the end.

could be a toss-up in a 3 way race. depending on who you talk to, he either siphons votes off from the Dems or the Republicans. it'll be interesting in any event.

more to the point, his loss is already affecting potential presidential candidates (*cough* Hillary *cough*) for 2008. witness her evisceration of Rumsfeld in a recent Senate hearing two weeks ago.

as well you know, the dual-party system is too well-entrenched in this country. heck, it goes back centuries. there's absolutely no way short of a genuine political revolution that a coalition-system type of government will take hold in the U.S. that requires a politically active (and informed) populace, and that's not something we have right now.

more's the pity.

Paul Stagg said...

I'm allowed to hope.

The Republican in the race polls at 6%, with Lieberman winning with 46%.