Saturday, August 5, 2006


Sorry for the gaps in posts. I was out of town (in Atlanta on business) this week. Still busy as all get out with work, still working on getting settled in the new house. Closets are the next order of business. We have yet to organize/build our office/guest room, linen/washer dryer, and exercise room closets. We have an approaching deadline, as Columbia Oak is coming to measure the office/guest room to build the workstation and murphy bed set up.

I haven't driven my convertible since I got it back from the shop, what, two weeks ago?

Training is still on the shelf, although I think next week will allow me to get back to a normal schedule. Travel for work should die off now, too. I'm getting back to the Precision Nutrition plan as well. I've been drinking too much and eating too much crap.

On the good news front, there are some good things happening with work, so I feel like I'm starting to get the traction I needed to get. Now I need to spend some time doing some things I've neglected over the past few months to get them caught up.

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