Friday, September 15, 2006

Pay it forward

One of the most important aspects of the Iron Game is the responsibility of those in it to pass along what they have learned to others. It's one of the great traditions of people who train with weights, and even in today's commercialized climate, it continues.

But it doesn't continue as much as you'd like. Everywhere there are people claiming to be 'natural' 'professional' bodybuilders, when the last contest they won was in 1992 in a now defunct orgainization, just so they can promote their super special training protocol, which, when evaluated using a rudimentary level of physiological understanding is, well, crap.

Luck for us, there are still people out there who are giving back. Read this article by James Smith, and if you have the interest, participate in the conference calls.

James is moving the Game forward as it should be done... and he's still able to make a living doing it. How about that.

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