Sunday, October 15, 2006

Electing a whiner?

Yesterday, the two major party candidates for Governor of Maryland squared off in two debates. One will be shown tomorrow night, one was shown live last night.

I'm no fan of Bob Ehrlich. I think he's just another big government Republican. A likeable guy, down to earth, and honest, but his politics and mine don't really jive. That said, I don't see how anyone could possibly vote for Martin O'Malley.

He was either whining or pontificating, with absolutely no substance during the debate shown last night. While Ehrlich made some points in his down home, talk radio manner, O'Malley blamed him for Enron (?!). Mr. O'Malley did seem quite proud of the Baltimore City School System's 50% graduation rate.


The thing is, I think O'Malley will win.

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