Friday, October 6, 2006

Hey, let's have a protest

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of our President. He mislead everyone into war, he's signed into law a number of bills that erode the Constitution (Patriot Act, REAL ID), has overseen grotesque government growth (TSA, anyone?), and he represents the socialist wing of the Republican party.

That said, there was a 'day of protest' yesterday, with people protesting everything from global warming to Iraq. I think it might be more effective to just pick on thing, but what do I know?
"We are turning the corner in bringing forward a mass movement of resistance to drive out the Bush regime," said organizer Travis Morales with the activist group World Can't Wait.

Some dressed in costume, including a hooded prisoner in an orange jumpsuit, a devilish rendition of President Bush and two grim reapers. One man wore a red cheerleader outfit with "Radical" emblazoned on the jersey.
This is how you get taken seriously, I guess. Of course, the White House response is equally stupid.
White House spokeswoman Nicole Guillemard defended the administration's Iraq policy.

"Our constitution guarantees the right to peacefully express one's views. The men and women in our military are fighting to bring the people of Iraq these same rights and freedoms," she said. "The president believes it is important to stay on the offense in Iraq."
May I suggest Ms. Guillemard read what the Iraqi Constitution says.

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