Monday, November 6, 2006


The official Libertarian Lifter Endorsements for the 2006 election.

Like you care.

MD Senator:
Hold your nose, and vote for Kevin Zeese (G-L-P). Yes, he's mostly a Green, but the Libertarian, Green, and Populist parties all agreed to nominate him. It's a protest vote. Certainly there's no way I can vote for Cardin or Steele. A big part of me is pulling for Cardin, if only to ensure Republicans don't gain any ground in the Senate.

MD Governor:
Hold your nose again, but this time, you have to vote for Bob Ehrlich (R). Yes, he's a big government Republican. Yes, he raised taxes... but the possibility of Martin O'Malley as governor in this state at this time is horrifying.

District 3 House of Representatives:
Your nose is turning pink. Hold it yet again, and vote for John White (R). Yes, there is a 'Libertarian' running, but that 'Libertarian' is for raising the minimum wage and forcing people to use energy other than oil. I'm not sure how that happened, but since it did, this is a protest vote against the Libertarians, who continue to shoot themselves in the collective foot. Yes, I know we want the Democrats to take control of Congress, but I can't vote for Sarbaines. Sorry.

Anne McCarthy (R), only because Franchot is a jerk.

Attorney General:
Abstain. There's no reason to vote for anyone.

MD State Senate, district 46
Hold that nose again, and vote for Keith Losoya (R). Feel good that you are one of about 12 people who do. We need to try to get rid of the rediculous power the Democrats have in this state.

MD House of Delegates district 46 (vote for 3)
Only vote for one. Peter Kimos (R). See above.

Against all Questions. Because that's how we roll.

The process makes my cynical, especially when my own damn party can't produce a single worthy candidate.

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