Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's a party, Friday Night.

I'm getting old. No secret, no suprise I suppose. I'm not a club guy, never have been. I don't like crouds, I don't like club music, and I don't like paying $4.00 for a warm Coors Light in a plastic cup.

So when Mrs Stagg called me Friday night and suggested we go to Looney's with some friends of ours, I was a bit apprehensive. Now, Looney's isn't clubby, it's a busy bar, younger crowd, OK music, if a little loud. But I went.

No where to sit, of course, which is OK, but the age gap got to us. We decided to go across the street to Granite, which is a bit more upscale, a bit older.

And it was. Until about 11pm. At 11, the lights go down, the music comes up, and they take all the barstools, chairs, and tables away. They cover the large windows, break out the plastic cups, and the place transforms into a lame interpretation of trendy club.

I know there's a market for it, but I don't see why in this particular place (Canton) there is a draw for folks to come in from the burbs and 'dance', when there are plenty of big places to do that out there. Keep the cool upscale vibe, give us drinks in glasses, and let us be grownups. Leave the clubbing for downtown and the burbs.

But then, I don't own a bar/restaraunt, so what do I know. I guess they make more money this way. But not from me. We left.

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