Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Person I just met: "So, do you have kids?"

Me, looking for the bar: "No. Do you?"

Person I just met, who has immediately judged me as pathetic or selfish: "Yes. 2. Would you like to see photographs?

"Soooo... why don't you have kids.?"

Me, wanting to smack that look off his face: "Don't want them. Why do you?"

Person I just met, confused, because they don't know the answer: "Isn't this shrimp wrapped in bacon excellent?"

This happens pretty regularly with my wife an I when we meet new people. Via Ron Smith, here's a good article on women deciding just not to have kids.

My wife and I make the choice together. We love our lives. We travel at will. We read. We go out on a whim. We also love all of the children around us.

So stop thinking we're pitiful and we're selfish, and turn the question on yourself.


Isaac said...

It's cool, man. You just get to play dad to online kids all day, every day.

Marisol Schowengerdt said...

I went through the whole guilt thing with my husband and discovered through the years that there are more and more couples and individuals, like ourselves, apologizing for not having children. Not everyone has the choice to remain childless but none the less whether we have children or not, we still have morals and ethics.