Monday, March 5, 2007

Airport Security: Still indeed a joke.

On Monday, I flew out of BWI Airport. (I was unfortunately not delayed heading to 4 days of meetings in Atlanta). I performed the government required completely unconstitutional security procedure, including showing my ID, taking off my shoes, and putting my laptop in a plastic container, because that's clearly better than leaving it in a briefcase. Or something.

Not a problem.

Leaving Atlanta on Thursday (after having rushed to the airport to get on an earlier flight to avoid the tornadoes), I encounter an issue. My bag is stopped in the x-ray machine.

Perhaps the pins in the new shirt set it off.


Crack TSA Employee: Sir, is there anything in here that might stick me?

Me, trying to put on my highly dangerous and subversive shoes: Just some pins in a new shirt

Crack TSA Employee: That's no problem. Please do not touch the bag while I am going through it... what's this? Hmmmm... toiletries. Sir, do you have a clear plastic quart bag?

Me, realising this man is about to take my highly dangerous hair gel, toothpaste, and shaving cream: No, I thought that clear zipper bag would be acceptable.

Crack TSA Employee, sternly: Sir, these must be in a clear plastic ziplock bag. I'll have to take them, unless you go get a bag.

Me, looking forward to blogging about this: I think I'll pass going back out and getting a bag. Does it have to be Ziplock, or will any brand do? And just so we are clear, the only reason you are taking those is that they are not in a clear Ziplock bag - if they were, there would be no issue at all, right?

Crack TSA Employee: Yes.

Me, gathering my stuff: Do you guys realize just how stupid that is?

What bothers me the most, beside the stupidity and the violation of basic rights, is that they still are not consistent! The same bag, with the same stuff, went right through at BWI.

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