Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We need government run healthcare!

Look at how well they manage underage drinking violations!
When Adam Fried was 14 he got busted at a keg party.

"There were about 30 kids there and the police came and someone must have called for noise violation or something and everyone that was there got a citation for being underage at party with beer," Fried said.

Fried faced the music and thought he did the right thing.

"I paid it and believed in all honesty that that was the end of it," Fried said.

Now, 32, and old enough to drive, the married father of one just got a blast from the past, or more accurately the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

A letter came referring to his 1988 drinking citation, saying his driver's license is suspended for 90 days. PennDOT demanded his license.

Fried called PennDOT.

"They can only tell you that they don't make the law they enforce the law, but the law was from 19 years ago," Fried said.

So he contacted the NBC 10 investigators, who contacted PennDOT.

They said state law demands underage drinkers lose their license for at least 90 days.

"I was 14. There was no driving involved in it whatsoever," Fried said.

But the state said that doesn't matter, and if you're too young to drive when busted, they'll suspend your licenses when you get one.

PennDOT told NBC 10 they should have suspended Fried's license when he got it in 1990 when Fried was 16 and acknowledged the error was on their part.

PennDOT also said "once in a while, this happens."

But state Rep. Micheal Gerber, who represents Fried's district, said once in a while is too much.

Gerber said his office is working to get Fried's license reinstated by the end of the week.

Fried is an interior designer who said he needs to drive about 150 miles a day.

"It has been devastating just in the few days that I have not been able to drive," Fried said.

Gerber said Fried only needs to pay a $25 restoration fee. That should put the brakes on this nightmare.
Just $25, to rectify their problem. Ignoring that the law is stupid to begin with.

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