Thursday, May 17, 2007

Idiot of the Day

South Carolina has passed a bill 'allowing' law abiding citizens with concealed weapon permits to carry those weapons on school grounds. The logic clearly being that:

Schools aren't different, really, than anywhere else and,
More law biding citizens with firearms helps keep kids safe from not law abiding citizens with guns.

In showing his remarkable brilliance, the law enforcement Director at the University of South Carolina, Ernest Ellis, was quoted in this passage:
College police chiefs across South Carolina said such a law would make it difficult to pinpoint a criminal. "Today, if we respond, we know the person with the weapon is the bad guy," said Ernest Ellis, the law enforcement director at the University of South Carolina.

Because knowing who to shoot in a room full of dead students is much better than getting to a shooting where the only dead guy is the bad guy.


For the runner up slot, we get Rep. Doug Jennings, who is concerned about mixing firearms with alcohol in schools:
I'm concerned about more guns around younger people combined with emotions and sometimes alcohol," said Rep. Doug Jennings, a Democrat. "I don't think it's a proper reaction to the Virginia Tech tragedy."

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