Tuesday, June 26, 2007


If you follow NASCAR, you know by now that Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon's (Hendrick) teams were caught working 'in a gray area' before qualifying for the race last weekend. Penalties were handed down today. Each team loses 100 points and $100K, and each crew chief is suspended for 6 weeks.


Soe each team loses $100k, which is meaningless. 100 points? In the new playoff format, meaningless. Crew chief suspensions, in an era of easy wireless communication, meaningless. They'll both be in a hotel room down the road with a 2 way and a laptop.

If NASCAR wants to show it's serious about cheating, they need to start sending teams home, or suspending teams for races. Knauss (the crew chief for the #48) has been caught a number of times. This time, they should have not allowed that team to race on Sunday.

Then the sponsors will get involved and put a stop to cheating.

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