Friday, June 8, 2007

Do not cross the state. Obey the state.

Clap at a graduation, you better say you're sorry. Otherwise, the kid you clapped for might not get her diploma.
School officials withheld the diplomas because they said the cheering violated a school policy aimed at restoring graduation decorum. Officials told the five female students and their parents Friday that they would hand over diplomas if they received apologies -- even anonymously.

Following the meeting, Assistant Superintendent Joel Estes declined to comment to reporters.

The students' family members said Peoria attorney Jeffrey Green contacted the group Friday after hearing about the case. He plans to send a letter to school officials this week, seeking an apology and the denied diplomas.

The case may go to court if the diplomas aren't delivered, but the students and their parents say they won't seek punitive damages.

Honors student Caisha Gayles said she just wants to get her diploma and move on.

"It's just dumb. It's petty," Gayles said.

The students denied the diplomas say school officials wanted them to track down the cheering culprits. They say that is impossible, because they don't know who might have cheered in the crowd of about 2,000 people.

It's dumb all right. But it's just one more signal, one more sign that no one will recognize about how far we've gone astray. Statists, you realize this is what you want, yes?

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