Saturday, August 11, 2007

Real Bigots

The 'Black Community' is questioning Barack Obama's "blackness".
With puzzlement and a touch of humor, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama weighed in Friday on a question posed by some in the black community about whether he's ''black enough'' to represent them in the White House.

Speaking to a packed ballroom at the National Association of Black Journalists convention here, Obama said he found the question curious because it appeared to go deeper than his brown skin or his record as a U.S. senator from Illinois or a member of that state's legislature.

''It's not my track record. It's not that I can't give a pretty good speech; from what I've heard I can preach once in a while,'' he told the audience. ``What it really does lay bare, I think, in part: We're still locked into the notion that somehow if you appeal to white folks then there must be something wrong.''

I thought we were shooting for color blindness? Why is it ok for the 'black community' to question someone's 'blackness'. Can you imagine the uproar if the 'white community' considered someone's 'whiteness'.

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