Friday, November 2, 2007


Even in being denied the ability to run for President by the South Carolina Democratic party, Stephen Colbert points out flaws in the system. A system where 15 people get to decide who a state can elect in a primary.

The most humor in a quote so far today, at least:
But executive council members were apparently more swayed by a letter from Donald L. Fowler. The former state and national party chairman wrote that Colbert had failed to register with the Federal Election Commission, to maintain a campaign staff in South Carolina and to meet other requirements to establish a viable campaign.

"He seeks to make a travesty of our primary," one that could even taint the value of a victory by a mainstream candidate there, Fowler wrote.

Dude, you so didn't need any help making a travesty of your primary.

And another tidbit that's a little troubling:
Colbert told his audience Wednesday that the Republicans' $35,000 entry fee was too expensive for his campaign -- which was trying to remain under a $5,000 federal limit -- and that he would not file for the GOP primary
That's $35,000 just to run in one state!

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