Monday, November 26, 2007

No Playoffs this year

After a loss to San Diego, (that's 5 in a row if you are keeping track), the Ravens are out of the playoff hunt.

Very dissapointing given the high expectations this year. So what now?

Boller plays the rest of the year. He needs to get some solid experience with less pressure. He's playing fine so far.

The defense needs to step it up. We are going to lose Rex Ryan in the offseason, this defense needs to be clicking, and right now, they are not (two 30 point games in a row?)

Leave Billick alone. He didn't drop the ball.

Get healthy, and evaluate where we are with talent. Ogden is done, McNair probably is, too. There are others who may not come back next year, and they need to plan for replacements.

Oh, and maybe beat New England. That would be neat.

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