Friday, December 28, 2007

New Jersey, where the government will eventually run your life.

Two unrelated stories in the last few days regarding New Jersey and the overwhelming reach of the state government.

First, all pregnant women will be tested for HIV. Boy, I can't wait for national healthcare, because this is what it looks like.
A bill signed into law Wednesday by the Senate president, Richard J. Codey, in his capacity as acting governor, requires two tests for pregnant women, at the beginning of the pregnancy and again in the third trimester, unless the mother objects. If the mother objects, the objection will be noted and the newborn will then be tested for HIV, with the only exception being on religious grounds. Newborns will also be tested if the woman tests positive.

Then, if you are convicted of a sex crime, the state can limit your use of a computer and the internet.
The law prohibits anyone convicted of using a computer to commit a sex offense from using computers or accessing the Internet for part or all of their parole. It also allows the State Parole Board to impose Internet restrictions on sex offenders who did not use a computer to facilitate their crimes.

The law requires the parolees to allow unannounced examinations of their computer equipment and the installation of monitoring hardware or software. It also would require convicted sex offenders to tell authorities if they have access to a computer or other devices that can access the Internet and obtain written approval to use computers or the Internet.

Wait until they decide we should all be monitored. This makes Maryland look like a Utopia.

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