Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am not alone

I thought I was the only nut out there who did stuff like this.

I cover a large territory as an Operations Manager for a Big Company. My territory includes Central Maryland, Northern Delaware, Philadelphia, all of NJ, and Long Island.

I drive the length of the NJ Turnpike at least once a month.

And in three years, I've stopped for gas in NJ once. Since I have a company car, I have a gas card that requires I put in a PIN number and the milage of the car. You have never experienced frustration until you have to explain that to the (required) full service attendant at a rest stop on the Turnpike.

So I just gas up in Delaware, and gas up in Long Island. If I don't go that far North, I can get back to Delaware on a tank of gas.

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