Sunday, February 10, 2008

An open letter to NASCAR

I watched the Bud Shootout last night, hoping the new car might at least make the racing a little more exciting.

Here's a little feedback: if the announcers have to tell me how exciting the race was, it wasn't.

All the talk about winning back the old fans (apparently by encouraging fistfights) isn't worth anything if you don't change what's really driving old fans away from the sport.

Top 35 qualifying rule.
Chase for the Championship.

Go back to getting in the race on speed, with limited provisionals so Dale Jr. and Jeffy don't go home. Get rid of the welfare system of points to determine a champion via a playoff. This isn't a stick and ball sport - there is a difference when you 'play' the same teams week after week.

Keep the additional points for winning races.

Call me when you're done.

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