Thursday, March 13, 2008

rEVOLution failure

David Weigel in Reason asks what's next for the Ron Paul movement. I say, unfortunately, not much.

Paul has pretty much pulled the plug on his campaign, after a number of dissapointing showings, and a tougher than expected primary challenge that required his attention. But why was the result of all the hoopla so dissapointing?

I think Weigel has it right. Instead of focusing on the big picture Liberty stuff, there was entirely too much focus on closing the borders. That doesn't really jive with a lot of the anti-Bush, anti-establishment, not fond of the war Republicans and their libertarian leanings. Had he stayed on the 'smaller government, don't bomb countries that are not a threat and didn't attack you' message, we might be having very different discussions today. Maybe Hilliary and Obama wouldn't be the only interesting race.

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