Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does not compute

Driving home from the gym today, I catch the news on WBAL. Two stories, back to back.

The first is regarding sentencing for two men involved in an attack on a 75 year old Sun reporter that caused brain damage.
Two of the men involved in an unprovoked attack on a 75 year old Baltimore Sun reporter were sentenced this afternoon.

Both Latar Bradshaw,23, and Gregory Kulla,37, were given three years supervised probation. Bradshaw faces up to 20 years in prison if he re-offends, while Kulla would face up to 15 years in prison if he breaks his probation.

Judge John Glynn presided at the sentencing.

Another man, Phillip Carter, has already been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the attack.

The victim, Carl Schoettler, suffered severe head injuries and was hospitalized for a week after the February 2006 attack.

The attack happened after Schoettler was involved in a minor car accident with Gregory Kulla dowtown near City Hall. Prosecutors say after Schoettler got out of his car to speak with Kulla, Latar Bradshaw and Phillip Carter ran across the street and attacked Schoettler, who was 73 years old at the time.

Carter has already been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Bradshaw pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit robbery, while Kulla pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and accessory after the fact.

Prosecutors say Kulla didn't do anything to stop the attack and agreed to drive Carter and Bradshaw away from the scene.

15 and 20 year SUSPENDED sentences, and probation.

Compared to the next story, regarding a man who was firing off fireworks at night.

A Baltimore County prosecutor says bail was denied for a man charged with creating mysterious middle-of-the-night blasts and flashes of light that puzzled Pikesville area residents for months.

Frederick Lee Mackler, 59, is facing charges of possession of fireworks without a permit, reckless endangerment and controlled dangerous substance violations.

Kristin Blumer, a Baltimore County assistant state's attorney, says Mackler told police he was upset with his neighbors, but the prosecutor says she does not know why.

Blumer says Mackler used a starter's pistol to fire cartridges designed to scare away birds.

In other words, he was being a nuicance, and had some dope in his house (he also apparently had a concealed firearm). NO BAIL.

I don't understand.


mother juggler said...

I heard the first story you mentioned this morning. Outrageous, especially when compared with the second story. Could it be that one was in the city and one in the county? Still doesn't make sense.

Paul Stagg said...

The first was in Baltimore City, the second was in the county.

So if you want to be a criminal, the city is the place to be!