Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick update

If you are ever wondering if I'm really busy with work, just watch my posting breaks.

I was in Atlanta working on a project Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, back catching up on Thursday, and meeting with a vendor on Friday in NJ, so not much internets time.

If you are following my training log, you'll note I haven't trained for a couple of weeks. I slipped off a curb and twisted my knee, and had to give it a little time. I'm back at it tomorrow. I might lift in a meet in August.

Othrewise, things be great. I've heard lots of great news stories (my favorite is the aluminum bat lawsuit). I'm planning on having a great weekend getting some stuff done around the house, and then enjoying it. There's not much better than feeling like you are on vacation in your own home.

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