Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm sure I'm right this time

All during this election season, the things I was sure about all came to be wrong. I was sure the Democrats would come to their senses and nominate someone a little more impressive, given the horrible candidate John Kerry was; I was sure we would see Bill Richardson (someone this Libertarian would consider over a random Republican), or even John Edwards.

Alas, the two media darlings, and two of the three worst candidates (although Kucinich at least stands on principle), ended up destroying any shot the Democrats have of winning the Presidency.

On the Republican side, I was sure, SURE, that Fred Thompson would be the nominee, and that he would certainly be the next President. McCain wasn't even on my radar screen, heck, even the Republicans admitted he's not really one of them.

And, being an optimist, I thought a Richardson/Thompson or Edwards/Thompson might give us a shot at debating some real differences, and maybe getting a President a little more, well, Presidential than we've had in the last 20 or so years.

But this time, I'm sure.

Hilliary says she would be "open" to being Obama's running mate. Fat chance. The single best litmus test of Barack Obama is who he picks as his running mate. If it's Ms. Clinton, you'll know he's not fit to be President.

How could she even think it's possible? Really?

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