Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Mayor, she has teh smart

Sheila Dixon, the incredibly not well spoken mayor of Baltimore, is under investigation for corruption. This is not a suprise, she was under investigation when the good folks in Baltimore elected her (get what you deserve, I suppose).

She recently responded, showing anger that the press is getting information, but she's not allowed to talk about the case.
Dixon told the media gathered at City Hall "this is a process" and "she is cooperating with authorities." She says it's aggravating that members of the media can talk about this, but she can't.

"I can't talk about it in the media because it is under investigation, but certain media people are getting information from the prosecutor's office and that really bothers me because there is a process," Dixon said.

She says she knows how to maintain a budget and is focusing on the future of the city. Dixon encouraged members of the media to look at documents relating to her actions at Board of Estimates meetings. She says she abstains when there is a conflict of interest.

Dixon had no comment about allegations that she used gift cards designed for needy people. Dixon says she is not going to discuss the allegations in depth and referred questions to her attorneys. She also thanked her supporters.

Dixon told the media she would survive this.

"I take this business of what I do one day at a time. I will continue to stay focused in this position I am in, as I long as I am in this position," said Dixon.

In a statement to the Eyewitness News Tuesday, Mayor Dixon admitted, "In late 2003 and early 2004, I had a personal relationship with Ron Lipscomb. We were both separated from our respective spouses at the time, we traveled together and exchanged gifts on special occasions. Our brief relationship was personal, and it did not influence my decisions related to matters of city government."

On Wednesday, Dixon said more about the relationship.

"Despite my relationship, Ron Lipscomb is a great person. It was a personal relationship. I wasn't the mayor then...there's a process that the Baltimore Development Corporation and Housing goes through. That was under the O'Malley Administration who handled those," said Dixon.

Documents reveal investigators were after computer records of the relationship when they raided Doracon Contracting last year. Lipscomb is Doracon's president.

In one case, the document states Dixon voted on a $13 million tax break for Doracon--for the Spinnaker Bay building in Harbor East-- the same day she and Lipscomb went on a lavish trip to New York.

The document also reveals trips the two took to Colorado, Boston and Chicago, and that Lipscomb was at Dixon's birthday celebration in the Bahamas. It raises questions about whether Doracon and Lipscomb paid for travel and lodging expenses.

The document also revealed Dixon's expenditures during the trip she and Lipscomb took to Chicago, including $570 for Jimmy Choo sandals, more than $600 spent at Coach, $4,400 for clothes at Armani and more than $2,200 at a Michigan Avenue boutique.

Ms. Mayor, there is a big difference between not being allowed to talk about something, and having your lawyer tell you to not talk about something. You are free, at any time, to say whatever you want about this case. You can't, because your lawyer (rightly so) has advised you to keep quiet.

Don't get angry about that.

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Anonymous said...

Very good points. I knew Dixon was a nightmare. That Voice! Bad attitude, arrogant, bad personality. Nice dresser though! At any rate, Baltimore City will never reach its fullest potential until there is political leadership with integrity that is not on the take. Someone that has not made a career out opf investing in the city's failures. We need new politics, new politicians, and new media. I voted for Jill Carter for mayor and I stand by that decision. I only hope she will run again with a stronger campaign once the city has had the opportunity to reevaluate the Dixon/Rawlings-Blake mistake. The corruption with Lipscombe, Paterakis, and other contractors during the O'Malley years and the Schmoke years was rampant. Dixon went along with the program in order to move up to where she is today.