Saturday, July 19, 2008


Some bloggers occasionally ask for money, or have a tip jar, or even post their Amazon wish list.

I'm lucky enough to do this for fun (plus, not many people read this blog), I don't want anything back. So instead, I ask that if you have some spare buckaroos and you love animals, share some of them.

I got the best gift, ever, when I adopted my dog from the Baltimore SPCA. People who support local SPCAs and the ASPCA are part of the reason I got such a gift. My dog was abused and abandoned before the SPCA got her, and I can't imagine why.

If that's not enough, this should be:

Shelby says "thanks." (Well, if she spoke English that's what she would say, I'm sure. Either that or "I'm hungry, asshole.")

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Anonymous said...

ASPCA is a great organization. I recenlty joined after seeing the comercials with Sara McLachlan.