Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another prediction comes true

31-3 Colts with 3 minutes left in the game.

A pretty pathetic showing by the ravens. The offense was never in the game, and the defense just didn't look sharp. Way too many missed tackles. And too many turnovers. This team has to create turnovers, not give them up.

Hopefully they'll look better next week


Lazy Slacker said...

Hasn't been Baltimore's year. Flacco doesn't look like the answer quite yet.

Paul said...

I agree. I think they've shown flashes of a great team, and I think Flacco will be a very good QB, but not yet.

They needed Boller to start this year, IMO, although Flacco's done better than I expected.

If they can hold together in the off season and keep the core of the team, I think 09 is going to be a good season. They are fun to watch, so this season will be OK, but 8-8 is probably as good as they are.