Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election hangover

Well, I'm glad that's over.

I was thinking yesterday while driving that I guess it could be worse, but I'm really not sure that's the case. As a Libertarian, this Presidential race came down to an expansion of the welfare state vs an expansion of the warfare state. Welfare won. Great.

For the country, I honestly don't know if Obama's better, but he might be. Personally, there's no doubt I'm a big loser. My tax rates will go up, probably significantly, in 2010. Thing is, if you pay taxes, yours will, too, The One just didn't tell you that. Expansion and creation of social programs is always a net loss for me, because I am unfairly wealthy (after I unfairly went to grad school at night and unfairly worked my ass off).

Although he's so enlightened and powerful and good, maybe he'll cure cancer. He pretty much promised everything but.

One thing I did notice, with all the talk about 'Change' (there's another post about how Obama isn't anything close to 'change' sometime); Congress has an 18% approval rating, yet we reelected most of them.

Good job, America!

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